Photographer Remembers Sinking of USS Yorktown (CV-5)

The Naval Historical Foundation has an article online titled “Photographer Remembers Sinking of USS Yorktown (CV-5)” at their website. Written by CDR William G. Roy, USN(Ret), “CDR Roy describes his experience as a member of the salvage party on board the aircraft carrier USS Yorktown (CV-5) during the Battle of Midway.”

We have added a link to the Online Resources page, or you can get to the original article by clicking HERE.

USS Yorktown in the Digital Realm

We received an email from Mark, asking us to include some links to digital models of CV-5. He provided this link to Special Aircraft Services for game modifications for their flight simulator so that you can fly from the deck of USS Yorktown. There’s some amazing work there. I’ve been out of touch with flight simulators for years, and video games in general (if I have games in the house, then models don’t get built, books and articles don’t get written, websites don’t get updated), so I’m not really up on this particular Sim, but the artwork for Yorktown looks amazing. I’ve added this to the Models page for now.

“The Pilot: Commander Tom Cheek” an interview with the CV-5 fighter pilot, on the Internet Modeler website.

Interesting stuff turns up every day on the internet. Internet Modeler did an interview with Tom Cheek, one of the VF-3 fighter pilots aboard Yorktown at Midway. The post is from 2002, so it’s been out on the ‘net for 13 or so years, but it’s still a great interview and bit of history. Link added to the Online Resources page.

Webb Series USS Yorktown Plans

Yorktown_cv_5_Webb_sheet1Added a review of a 4-sheet set of drawings of CV-5 in her 1940 configuration to the Reviews: Photos and Plans page.

Some of the reference items have been re-categorized as well. Most notably the Photos section is now the Photos and Plans section. We hope to be able to add some more drawings in the near future, and we’ve come into possession of new (at least to us) photos that we will be posting as soon as we get the okay from the owners and the files in hand.

Book Review: Aces Against Japan: The American Aces Speak

acesHere’s a bit on a book I’d never had thought would pertain to USS Yorktown, but it indeed does.  Aces Against Japan: The American Aces Speak is a collection of first-person accounts by many fighter pilot aces of the Pacific War, one of them being Scott McCuskey, who started out in USS Ranger’s VF-42, and came to the Pacific with Yorktown in December of ’41, and stayed with her through Midway.