Updates and a Question

YORK320-001The website work is pretty much done for the next two weeks.  Spending some time away from home and the computer. More work on graphics and adding content will resume the first of June.

Question for anyone out there who may know: Does anyone have any information on the 1/48th scale builders model of CV-5 that resides in the Virginia Air and Space Museum?  (Pictured above).  I have a couple dozen photos of the ship to post to the website, but internet and book searches have turned up no information on the model, and emails to the museum have been unanswered.  If anyone has any information, please send it along.

Back Online!

The site is back up and running.  Everyone should notice a HUGE improvement in speed and accessibility.  We’re still tweaking the look of the graphics; going with the blueprint motif, as the old style of gray and white coupled with black and white photography (one of the drawbacks of WWII era photography from a design standpoint) was pretty dreary.  It’s still a work in progress.

We’ve also followed-up on all of the outstanding emails.  If you haven’t heard from us, or have new questions, comments, or concerns, please do Contact Us.