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The first carrier Yorktown lived a short but spectacular life before and during the Second World War. In just over six years she went from keel laying to her final resting place at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. She served the Navy just over four and a half years. During seven months of war she earned three battle stars and was crucial in stopping the Japanese advance across the Pacific and turning the tide for the allies.

This site seeks to honor the memory of her and her crew. We seek to increase understanding and expand the common knowledge of the US Navy’s fifth aircraft carrier so that her story lives through history, and the sacrifices and ordeals of her crew are fully respected. Our goal is to be the best source of information for CV-5 on the internet, to decrease confusion brought about by other ships of the same name, to sort through the available resources for the most accurate information, and to bring to light as much new material as we possibly can.