Photographer Remembers Sinking of USS Yorktown (CV-5)

The Naval Historical Foundation has an article online titled “Photographer Remembers Sinking of USS Yorktown (CV-5)” at their website. Written by CDR William G. Roy, USN(Ret), “CDR Roy describes his experience as a member of the salvage party on board the aircraft carrier USS Yorktown (CV-5) during the Battle of Midway.”

We have added a link to the Online Resources page, or you can get to the original article by clicking HERE.

2 thoughts on “Photographer Remembers Sinking of USS Yorktown (CV-5)

  1. I believe I read along time ago (when I was a kid) that Yorktown’s SBDs actually targeted Kaga and bombed her. Is there any conclusive evidence after all these years to support this? I also read a Japanese account recently that follows this conclusion. I believe there is a Japanese log from Akagi that noted Kaga was struck roughly two minutes before the other carriers were bombed. Would still like to know. Respectfully and sincerely, Michael P Franklin

    • The book “Rendezvous at Midway” made the claim that Yorktown attacked Kaga instead of Soryu, but that book was published in the 1960’s. Since then there has been much research into the battle and it’s a fairly unanimous belief that Soryu was Yorktown’s target. The two books that have the most primary research involved in the battle, “The First Team” by John Lundstrom, and “Shattered Sword” by Jonathan Parshall and Anthony Tully, beyond doubt prove Soryu as the target.

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