New USS Yorktown Book: Legends of Warfare by David Doyle

Over on the website, they’ve posted a review of the first book of David Doyle’s new Legends of Warfare series. The inaugural issue, covering USS Yorktown, looks to be filled with well-known and newly discovered photos.

We have a copy of the title on the way for our own review, but in the meantime, check it out here on USS Yorktown (CV-5), Legends of Warfare – Naval, by David Doyle

One thought on “New USS Yorktown Book: Legends of Warfare by David Doyle

  1. I have recently received this hardbound edition and have really enjoyed it. I have been studying the Yorktown for 20+ years and thought I had seen all the pictures that could possibly be pulled out of archives, but no. There are many new pictures that I’ve never seen before which are exciting in the new details they provide. The well-known pictures seem to have been cleaned up for the most part and might offer a different perspective on some details.
    I highly recommend this book as a great companion to the other highly regarded references on CV5.

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