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Roger Spooner Speaks about USS Yorktown

On YouTube’s “Memoirs of WWII” channel, they’ve published a video of Yorktown crewman Roger Spooner’s account of abandoning the ship during the Battle of Midway. There are inconsistencies in his story against what is known to have happened during the battle (he mentions a Japanese plane crashing into the ship, but there’s no record of that); regardless, it’s worth a watch and very compelling.

Merit International USS Yorktown in 1/350th Review Added

There’s a lot of text and a lot of images in Martin J. Quinn’s review of the Merit USS Yorktown kit in 1/350th scale. So, it took a while to add it to the site. It’s up now, however, and can be access HERE.

With that, all of the static site information has been restored. We’ll start adding links to Yorktown articles and model builds online, and begin to look at reviews of recent Yorktown related items, such as books, more model kits and aftermarket for said kits, etc.

John Ford’s “The Battle of Midway” on YouTube

A copy of John Ford’s “The Battle of Midway”, claiming “digitally restored color” is now available to watch on YouTube. The description reads, in part:

“Highlights include memorable scenes from the Marine Base on Midway, airfield B-17s leaving to attack the Japanese fleet, patrolling PBYs,. action packed Japanese attacks on the Yorktown and Midway, and up close shots of the Yorktown’s squadron VF3 and their F4F Wild Cats, including aces John S. “Jimmy’ Thach (“The Thach Weave”) and Lt. E. Scott McCuskey. And it wouldn’t be a John Ford movie without some of the most vivid combat cinematography you have ever seen, a touching and dramatic score by nine time Oscar winner Alfred Newman, and some folksy narration by Henry Fonda.”

You can find the video by clicking HERE.