Underway Again

After many months of being off-line and just plain broken, we’ve resurrected this website. Long story short: hackers got in, screwed up everything, and it’s taken more time, thought, and money, than anticipated to get the site up and running again.

The plan is to recreate the website as it was. We will be able to restore all of the content such as photos, reviews, history articles, etc. Unfortunately, we will not be able to restore the comments from the public on those articles. Another long story short: the restoration of the database containing the community comments and interaction would have required more money than this single-person financed website was able to budget. We’re sorry to lose that content. (for those looking for that content, the Wayback Machine website does have a few good archives of the original website:

https://web.archive.org/web/20170601000000*/cv5yorktown.com )

That’s where we stand. We’ll be adding back articles as time allows, with a goal of one or two a week. We’ll also be adding new content as it becomes available. Yorktown has miraculously become better represented in the model making world over the past few years, and we’ll be talking about the new kits, reference materials, and upgrade sets.

Thank you all for your patience.